So yeah, I haven't posted anything here in 2 years so.... yeah. Heh my bad.

Welp, since the last time I posted something here was just spam for my voice acting since I wanted to get into voice acting more. I'd still like to voice act for other people's cartoons, so I'm all for collabs and crap. But for the past few years I've been trying to be more of a Let's Player as well, and lately I've become more and more active and steadily growing as a channel.

SO YEAH.. I'm not really active here, I have checked in from time to time but never really stayed longer than 2 minutes honestly lol. I still would like to collab as a voice actor with some animators or something here, so if you need a voice actor then feel free to contact me via the contact links I provided on my NG page or through PM.

Here's a video from a playthrough I did of one of the worst games ever~

(note: the whole game is done and already uploaded, so you can watch the whole thing if you feel so inclined lol)

Thanks and see ya later...but not here xD

I'm fairly new to voice acting, but I have worked on a few things and auditioned for some, even others had asked me to be apart of their projects as well.
I can see myself getting into this more and more and getting better at voice acting, I just need more opportunities to voice lol.

Just send me a private message or contact me through any other source by checking my contact list info on my page here on Newgrounds and I'll respond as soon as I can :)


Submitting Art issues..

2013-06-03 23:36:59 by HMillennium

So like, I'm trying to upload a picture right? I filled out all the required fields and check everything to make sure it's ready to be submitted.
I click submit and a message comes up saying "crop your image!" and won't let me upload.
Thing is, there is NO option at all to crop the preview, hell I don't think it's even being uploaded!
I'm at a loss here.. can someone who sees this help me? Until then I'm just going to have to try other means if possible..

Edit: Okay, found out the issue is my Google Chrome browser..dunno why but yeah. I just gotta use Firefox or something to upload art I suppose, pretty lame but oh well what can ya do? lol

Hey, I'm not necessarily "new," however I could not remember my email nor password for my old account (which I haven't used in over a year...) so I made this account.

I'm just here so I can try out for voice acting for people working on animations and the like. If you would like to hear what I sound like, head over to my YouTube and watch a video or two if you'd like :)

YouTube Channel (Click Here!)

I've been trying to do commentaries on my channel to work on my voice in regards to opening up and being more open with myself. I am an amateur BUT I would like to work more on my voice acting abilities, though I've never voiced for anything before other than my YouTube. I would LOVE to voice an animation though, it'd be loads of fun! :D

If anyone would like to give me a chance to voice something for them, I'd very much appreciate it! ^^