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YouTube Gaming Channel - Help boost it up please~?

11/11/13 by HMillennium

So yeah, I'm really working hard to making my channel grow and currently I have a decent 260 subs now, but I'm only getting about... less than 10-20 views on most of them |D;
So I'm just posting this just to advertise my channel more and hoping for the best really lol

Here's one of my latest video series..thing that I'm uploading now just to show before you click:

I upload all 1080p quality content and thanks to my Blue Nessie microphone the mic quality is very very nice too so yeah xD
I just hope to grow more and entertain as many people as I can and stuff and yeah..
Thanks for taking a look if you have and please subscribe and like and all that crap and have a good day everyone c:


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Sure man, I will support.

11/12/13 HMillennium responds:

Thanks :D